I have been infected with C.diff (Clostridium difficile) bacteria since June 2011 and cannot get rid ot it. 

I had a colonoscopy in June which showed some inflammation and a stool analysis which revealed C.diff bacteria. I was put on a course of Flagyl 250mg and then Flagyl 500mg, both followed with recurrences of my symptoms: diarrhea, rectal pain, urgency, mucus, fatigue -- but no abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea.  Then I was put on Vancomycin, already 4 times, with recurrences. I am presently on this drug again, using "pulse method": 4 x days double doses for 4 days, then nothing for 3 days, repeat 4 times for the total of 4 weeks.


In addition, I take 6gr of FOS and a potent probiotic:


with the hope that some of this live bacteria will survive, and am supposed to take both supplements for 3 months even if my symptoms do not return.


I got some conflicting opinions regarding lactose intolerance while taking Vancomycin. Reading your protocol I see that you like to eliminate all dairy anyway; fine, I can do it. Do you have any specific dietary (or other) recommendations to help my body combat this stubborn illness? I am 71, very compliant, and in very good health otherwise.  




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I do not have recommendations to get rid of C. Diff as you have to rely on your traditional doctors to help you do that. You must get rid of it in order to end your other symptoms with my protocol.

Hi Yva,

  I'm on my fourth month of C. diff and very tired of being 'chained to the commode'!

  If you still have this horrible disease, have you heard of a stool transplant?  With all you have been through you might be a candidate. (The procedure is not as repulsive as it may sound.)

  If you have finally shaken this disease then what was it that you did that got rid of it?


  Cheers, Ken.


Two yrs ago I was admitted to the hospital with  severe burning   burning in the intestinal tract. I was finally diagnosed with C=diff, after a colonoscaphy. My whole intestinal lining was inflamed. The GI doctor put me on IV Flaygy for eight days. When I was discharged with a ten day supply of  Vancomycin. I felt better but the burning was not completly gone. My doctor refused to order more of the antibiotic. The burning started to get worse and I ended up in the hospital again. After discharged I went to a different GI specialist and he put me back on Vancomycin...for thirty days. The burning is not as bad or as freguent as previously. The GI doctor told me that 39% of the people with c-diff don't get better but 50%do. I would hate to think that I'm I'm in the 30% that will have tgis the rest of my life. Does anyone know of any other tx for this disease?

Hi Donna,

  I'm not sure what "tx for this disease" means (?)

  It seems a bit strange that C diff was diagnosed from a colonoscopy.  Usually C diff is diagnosed from a stool sample.  There are many things that can cause colon inflammation (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and it is possible you had IBD before you contracted your C diff infection. 

  At the end of your antibiotic courses you should be stool-sample tested again to see if you have overcome the disease.  You can have as many of these as you like and they are much easier than a colonoscopy.

  I suggest you obtain a copy of the book "Clostridium Difficile:A Patient's Guide" from www.lulu.com.  Most C dilf sufferers overcome the disease (much more than the 50% figure you were given).

  A new antibiotic is available in US called Dificid and it is quickly becoming the drug of choice.  It is better that Vancomycin.


Cheers, Ken.



I was told by my Gi doctor that my body was good at hiding things,,,didn't show up in the stool specimen . When he did the colonoscropy, c-diff was found in the biopsy he took from the lining of the intestinal wall.RX means treatment. I have never heard of Dificid..went to three GI doctors and none of them have ordered this medication. Thank  you for telling me about this medication. Asyou know doctors don't like to be told what to order.

You're welcome, Donna.

You should also read up on fecal/stool transplants.  It sounds like you would be a candidate. 

These transplants have come a long way in the last few years.  Nowadays the donor stool is cleansed of all fecal matter leaving only the gut bacteria.  This bacteria is encapsulated and used like a probiotic to seed the entire GI tract.  So, patients simply swallow a few pills.  It might be the RX you're looking for!




I must chime in here. Fecal transplants might work, but think about what they are. They are exactly what Ken says, usually taken from a relative, washed to isolate the probiotics and placed into capsules. On the one hand we have harvested probiotics from someone whose bowel health you are guessing at...no guarantees that the probiotics are sufficient for you or you could simply take a probiotic as I suggest in my protocols that are manufactured from a reputable supplement company?

Concept is the same and no reason to believe that the probiotics from the feces of another person would be any better for you.

The biggest problem for patients in overcoming C. Diff is the patient usually takes NO probiotics at all DURING the time they were treated for the C. Diff or after. If they did, they may have taken worthless probiotics that they picked up from the drugstore or grocery store. They guessed at the quality. Use probiotics from a trusted source.

All the success of fecal transplants proves is the need for the right probiotic in all patients with gastrointestinal conditions.

I contracted C-diff last March.  I was on several rounds of Vancomycin,  I had what they called recurring C-diff.  I went to an infectious control Dr. because I was not getting results from my gastro Dr.  The new Dr. was familiar with Dificid which was just approved by the FDA in May 2011.  I took a course of treatment with this drug.  I did another course of treatment with vancomycin.  I finally went to a new gastro Dr. who did a repeat colonoscopy (I had one in Feb. 2011).  She found no sign of the C-diff and my stool sample were also negative.  It was determined that my lingering symptoms in Sept. 2011 were caused by IBS.  I continued to have periodic bouts of frequent bowel movements.  I discovered Dr. Dahlman's site - had a consultation and I am following his protocol.  It has only been a week and I do improvement.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  You must be an adovacte for yourself.   I wish you well. 


We used mike Payne at lwtinternational.com to address c diff issues with my 8 year old son. He is very good. Uses some really advanced German homeopathy and herbs that are specific to you and your body. No proof, but i do believe that his help kept my son from becoming over taken by those nasty bacteria. I arrived at this site because we hit a plateau and could not heal the leaky gut stuff with just supplements. I went searching for different answers to help my son, who was still miserable. Different miserable than the beginning when c diff was the biggest challenge. Decided to embrace dr. Dahlmans plan and am so glad we did. My son is finally improving again. Mike Payne is expensive...but I do believe he is very good. Best wishes!


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